Photography seems to me at first an easy way to express my creative imagination from what I can view around me. Later I realised that was not entirely true. After so many years since I got acquainted with Photography, I am still learning …

One thing I have to admit, I feel happy and content when I am with a camera and shooting. I guess that is what it is all about after all …

Now why this blog ? I studied various ways by which I can have a presence in the Web-world and even started reading books on how to set up a website. Then one fine day, I realised that I had been spending times reading and trying to understand these technical things rather than doing photography. So I started looking for some easier methods to have a virtual presence and then made up my mind to start a free blog and see how it goes. I signed up with Google blogger and already did two posts. But I was getting frustrated  because the published posts appeared different than what I had prepared, different to a level which was unacceptable to me. So here I am now, with Word press and hoping this venture will be fulfilling and rewarding.

Bijan, June 26/2013

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