Inside Svetitskhoveli Cathedral with an iPhone …

iPhone 6s

Also called the Church of the Life- Giving Pillar, the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral  is an Eastern Orthodox Cathedral located in the historic town of Mtskheta, Georgia,  to the northwest of the Georgian capital  Tbilisi. More information is available here in

All photos here are taken with an iPhone 6s, and for display in web and blogs and if you are not particularly keen to print enlargements, the smartphone camera  is quite adequate. Please click on an image to view a larger size.

iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s

All these photos had been post processed in Photoshop CC. The horizon had been corrected wherever required and  Shadows/Highlight details adjusted.

iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s camera has a lens of 29mm focal length in 35mm format with a maximum aperture of  f2.2 , with a 12 megapixel, 1/3″, 1.22um sensor. It can macro focus from about 2 inches from the subject, and on to infinity. So the sensor is quite small compared to even the advanced compact cameras nowadays.

iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s

During our visit we were lucky to see a wedding taking place in the Cathedral and below you can see two shots from that wedding. we could not get very close though with the iPhone.

iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s

It was magnificent cathedral with  beautiful decoration in the interior and a must see spot for any visitor to Georgia. I now leave you with a outdoor shot. Happy shooting.

iPhone 6s




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